Maple Power Engineered -3 Moab


The proprietary Power Engineered HARD MAPLE MOAB -3 WOOD BAT is A moderately end-loaded weight distribution DESIGN. It is engineered to the edge of the performance standard and provides peak performance for the power hitter.



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The proprietary Power Engineered design produces a moderately end loaded bat. This moderate adjustment is engineered for quickness through the zone, the ability to square up more often, and increased swing and ball exit speeds providing dramatic results for the power hitter. In hitting, even the most minor of adjustments can create dramatic results. And remember to keep an open mind as there are just as many lead-off hitters swinging the MOAB Power bat as there are power hitters.

The Power Engineered HARD MAPLE MOAB -3 WOOD BATs are designed for players ages 13 and above and are ideal for high school and college players. They are available in the following sizes: 34 inch/31 ounce, 33 inch/30 ounce, 32 inch/29 ounce, and 31 inch/28 ounce & 30/27.

Our Rude American MOAB bats are hot out of the box and do not require a break in period. Bats are not one size fits all. While we always recommend that you swing both the Speed Engineered and Power Engineered bats at one of our demo locations prior to purchase, you can also contact one of our bat specialists for assistance at 1-855-BAT-RUDE (228-7833).

With our proprietary design and a proper demo session, you will find the MOAB bat of your choice that will suit your individual swing and achieve the fastest ball exit speed.

Try the  Power Engineered HARD MAPLE MOAB -3 WOOD BAT from Rude Amercian USA

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30/27, 31/28, 32/29, 33/30, 34/31


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