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Our Inflatable Golf Ranges are both durable and portable. We designed them with convenience in mind. Because our Commercial grade Inflatable Golf Ranges are not made like bounce houses with continual blowing air, you can keep them up for days at a time.

These heat-sealed Inflatable Golf Ranges inflate in just 8 minutes and once inflated you simply replace the valve and turn off the pump. The heat seal means that you can leave it inflated for an hour or for several days if you’d like. Once done simply deflate, roll up and put away. These Inflatable Golf Ranges are made of top-quality materials and are very durable.

* Each Inflatable Golf Range is 20 feet long.
* Please call in for special pricing and options.

Financing is now available on Inflatable Golf Ranges

Rude American Patented Design Inflatable Golf Ranges

•Inflates and or deflates in 10 minutes.
•Heat sealed seams. Turn off the pump & leave it up as long as you like.
•Each 20 foot section comes with a pump and repair kit.
•Unit dimensions are 17W X 12H X 20L. Two sections make a 40FT cage.
•Closed end has a built in door for safety and easy access in and out.
•Open center ends have a safety splash with female and male Velcro so they can be easily attached together when you push 2 units together for safety inside and outside of the cage eliminating ricochets or balls getting out.
•Properly hung nets to eliminate ricochets in the inflatable batting cage.
•Quality net with sealed borders throughout and 3 feet of floor drag to keep balls inside.
•Raised bottom rail for decreased wind resistance and stability.
•Commercial grade PVC Tarpaulin shell for indoor or outdoor use.
•Ships from Las Vegas, NV