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All of our gear at Rude American USA are designed with the player in mind. Not only do we make phenomenal bats, we make the accessories and gear you need to take your game to the next level.

About Rude American USA

Rude American USA, originator of the MOAB – Mother Of All Bats, makes the hottest baseball bats on the market. We’ve designed Power and Speed Engineered baseball bats that are made from a proprietary scandium alloy blend with a unique moderately end-loaded weight distribution. We’ve engineered our baseball bats to the edge of the performance standard and they provide peak performance for youth baseball hitters.

Our baseball bats are approved for use in USA Baseball, USSSA Youth Baseball, and BBCOR highschool/college baseball. We offer -3, -5, and -10 weights, and nearly all barrel sizes to provide a variety of options for baseball players.


Our catalog of baseball bats are designed for players ages 8 and up depending on the certification, drop weights, and more. Our bats can be used in most youth, high school, and college baseball leagues such as Little League Baseball, Dixie Youth, Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken, Pony Baseball, Elite World Series, USSSA World Series, and much more.

Our Rude American MOAB bats are hot out of the box and do not require a break in period. Bats are not one size fits all. While we always recommend that you swing both the Speed Engineered and Power Engineered bats at one of our demo locations prior to purchase, you can also contact one of our bat specialists for assistance at 1-855-BAT-RUDE (228-7833). With our proprietary design and a proper demo session you will find the MOAB bat of your choice that will suit your individual swing and achieve the fastest ball exit speed.