List Of Product Variations

Standard 20 ft Inflatable Batting Cage 16W x 12H x 20L

The standard set up is our most popular and is used un all levels of play from youth to MLB

Pro Inflatable Batting Cage 18W x 13 H x 20 L

For the application that just wants to go a little bigger

Pro XL Inflatable Batting Cage 20W x 14H x 20L

A monster unit for applications using a side set up Hit Trax machine for example. (used by the LA Dodgers Training Facility)

Standard Turtle Backstop 18.6W x 12H x 20L

If you already have our standard batting cages and want a turtle that will fit right into it this is your product

Pro Turtle Backstop 20W x 13H x 22L

Monster unit allows the ball to go anywhere in the field of play but not any hazards. Extremely popular & replaces giant rust bucket that eats up all of the storage space

20 Ft Inflatable Golf Range 16W x 12H x 20L

Allows you to see the ball travel. Have a simulator? We have a black out unit, covers and other more affordable fixes

Pro Inflatable Golf Range 18W x 13 H x 20 L

Allows more room for a simulator but not required for a simulator

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