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Rude American USA Is The Official Provider Of Inflatable Batting Cages For The University Of Notre Dame  and The Official Turtle Backstop Of Cooperstown Dream Park!

Our inflatable batting cages and turtle backstops are commercial grade, heat sealed, and don’t require a continuous pump. They are safe and incredibly convenient. Inflatable batting cages can be a big game changer for your team or organization. No need for expensive trips to traditional batting cages, as these inflatable batting cages can be setup in minutes!

Used at residences, parks, and events our cages are 12 feet high and provide a safe environment for baseball batters to work on their swing. Our inflatable batting cages have been seen at colleges, baseball tournaments, and homes across the USA.

Our inflatable batting cages are ordered by calling 1-855-BAT-RUDE (228-7833). See why Just Bat Reviews named Rude American’s inflatable batting cages THE BEST in the industry!

Setting Up Inflatable Batting Cages

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