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Bringing the Heat with MOAB Bats

When you’re shopping around for anything at all, you should always know what qualities you value in a product. When it comes to baseball bats, always keep in mind the three P’s: Power, Performance, and Price. Consumers could easily find a high quality, professional...

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Rude American USA Baseball Bats

While Rude American USA makes a variety of bats suitable for every level of play, today we wanted to highlight our USA bats. 2020 USA bats are NOW AVAILABLE! These spent a tremendous amount of time in development, and they have been perfected just for you. They are...

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Rude American USA and 4th of July

What’s more patriotic than a good ole game of baseball? At Rude American USA, we believe in creating products that represent our country’s values: hard work, dedication, and quality. We have a full line of bats available so there is truly something for everyone. Take...

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The USSSA Power Bat is my favorite of the MOAB – Mother Of All Bats. The ball had lots of pop off of the bat, could tell a big difference. Better than my Dimarrini Zen.

Jet Mcnelis

Youth Baseball Player, Las Vegas Storm Baseball


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