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Nothing Scarier Than Bad Bats

Around this time of year, the scaries start to add up. One thing that shouldn’t scare you is the state of your baseball bat. If you are going to play a sport, you want to be the best, right? If you want to be the best player, you need the best equipment. When it comes...

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The Baseball Bat Bros Review the MOAB

Have you heard of The Baseball Bat Bros? The Baseball Bat Bros are brothers and ballplayers on the hunt for the best performing baseball bats out there. They take the time to put BBCOR, USSSA/USA and Wood baseball bats to the test - so you don't have to waste your...

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USSSA Baseball Bats

Within the world of youth baseball, there are various certifications and categories that baseball bats may fall into. Most of these certifications are given due to certain standards that the bats need to meet, and different levels of youth baseball may require...

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BBCOR Certified Baseball Bats

The BBCOR certification standards have been in play for a few years now, but for many players and parents who are new to the game, it may be unclear exactly what BBCOR standards are and why they are important. You will find that a lot of the baseball bats made by Rude...

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Power or Speed?

Just like every fingerprint is unique, each baseball player has their own swing style. In general, however, these swing styles fall within two broad categories. You can be a power hitter or a speed swinger. Each style has its own positives, and is beneficial for its...

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Bringing the Heat with MOAB Bats

When you’re shopping around for anything at all, you should always know what qualities you value in a product. When it comes to baseball bats, always keep in mind the three P’s: Power, Performance, and Price. Consumers could easily find a high quality, professional...

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Rude American USA Baseball Bats

While Rude American USA makes a variety of bats suitable for every level of play, today we wanted to highlight our USA bats. 2020 USA bats are NOW AVAILABLE! These spent a tremendous amount of time in development, and they have been perfected just for you. They are...

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Rude American USA and 4th of July

What’s more patriotic than a good ole game of baseball? At Rude American USA, we believe in creating products that represent our country’s values: hard work, dedication, and quality. We have a full line of bats available so there is truly something for everyone. Take...

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The USSSA Power Bat is my favorite of the MOAB – Mother Of All Bats. The ball had lots of pop off of the bat, could tell a big difference. Better than my Dimarrini Zen.

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