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History of Baseball Bats

Are you curious about the history of baseball bats? Keep reading to find out more! During the mid-19th century, baseball players often made their own bats, which resulted in various sizes, shapes, and weights. In time, after experimenting with these different shaped...

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Baseball Warmups

Baseball bats, baseball games, baseball warmups. For seemingly as long as baseball has been played, there have been warm-up and practice routines for players and teams. While many of these warmups may seem mundane and worthless, a good warmup routine can reduce the...

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Composite versus Alloy Bats

Curious about the differences between composite versus alloy bats? Want to know what the best bat is on the market? Keep reading!  Over four decades ago, aluminum bats were introduced to youth baseball. Players immediately experienced increased swing speed and more...

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Defining the Sweet Spot

If you have been in or around the sport of baseball for any amount of time, you have probably heard the term “sweet spot” tossed around. Players and coaches often use this phrase when talking about successful hits. While the meaning may be fairly easy to interpret,...

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The USSSA Power Bat is my favorite of the MOAB – Mother Of All Bats. The ball had lots of pop off of the bat, could tell a big difference. Better than my Dimarrini Zen.

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