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Dee Gordon Autographed Bat Giveaway

If you have been following our blog posts or social media pages for some time, you may already be familiar with Dee Gordon and the partnership that Rude American USA has developed with him. A few months ago, we concluded a year-long sweepstakes for an Inflatable...

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New Year, New Gear

What better way to ring in the new year than with some new gear? Last blog post, we talked about decking yourself out with a new bat, but now let’s talk about some other gear you can get to take your batting practices to the next level. At Rude American USA, we not...

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Give the Gift of a Better Bat

Just like most people start every year resolving to be better and do better than the past year, we at Rude American USA strive to consistently improve our products and continually evolve with changing standards, regulations, and technologies. We have invested our time...

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Picking the Best Bat for You

Just like every fingerprint is unique, each baseball player has their own swing style. In general, however, these swing styles fall within two broad categories. You can be a power hitter or a speed swinger. Each style has its own positives, and is beneficial for its...

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The USSSA Power Bat is my favorite of the MOAB – Mother Of All Bats. The ball had lots of pop off of the bat, could tell a big difference. Better than my Dimarrini Zen.

Jet Mcnelis

Youth Baseball Player, Las Vegas Storm Baseball


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