Have you considered a custom batting cage for your baseball team? If you have been in the market for a new practice setup, you have probably been weighing many different options that exist. Perhaps you have even stumbled upon the Rude American USA Inflatable Batting Cages. There are many perks to this option that elevate the quality and functionality of your baseball practices, and there is even the option to take it another step further with our custom batting cage. Keep reading to learn more, and contact us for pricing and financing information

Rude American USA Inflatable Batting Cages

These cages are exactly what they sound like, inflatable batting cages. Yet, they are so much more. Not only do they simply house your baseball practices, but they are also something that makes practice exciting and fresh and more productive. Let’s take a look. 

What Are The Benefits? 

Your Custom Batting Cage Will Be PORTABLE

These cages come in 20-foot segments that are 17 feet wide and 12 feet high, and you can purchase additional segments to add on to create a 40-foot, 60-foot, or 80-foot batting tunnel. Since the cages are inflatable, there are no metal or PVC pipes to tote around with you. Instead, the inflatable batting cages roll up neatly for maximum portability. 

The batting cage is great for setting up for practice at the park, installations, or anywhere else you’d like to take them. They’ll even fit in your backyard! The ability to practice your batting skills while you are at your own residence without worrying about losing baseballs to your neighbors’ yards opens up tremendous opportunities to improve your batting average.

Your Custom Batting Cage Will Be DURABLE

The inflatable batting cages are constructed with only the highest-quality materials, including American-made netting and borders. They are ready for both home or commercial use, as they’ll fit in your fields, your backyard, or even inside your practice facility. They are heat-sealed so once they go up, they will stay up for days!

You can expect to get what you pay for and more with the inflatable batting cages. No flimsy pipes, elbow attachments, or cheap netting. There’s not much compromise between portability and durability. With Rude American USA, you’re getting a portable batting cage that is built to last.

Your Custom Batting Cage Will Be QUICK & CONVENIENT

Unfortunately, a large portion of practice time is often spent setting up and tearing down your batting cages. Make the most of your practice time by cutting down on your setup time. While other portable batting cages take multiple people working for at least 20 minutes to set up, the Rude American USA custom batting cage inflates in 10 minutes and only takes a few people to maneuver. 

Customize Your Cage Today! 

As we have mentioned previously, in addition to all of these incredible perks, the Rude American USA Inflatable Batting Cages can be customized! This means that if you have team colors or a team logo or icon or a team saying, whatever it may be, you can have a custom batting cage that exemplifies the very essence of your team. The possibilities are almost endless, so get in touch with us today and see what we can create for you!