When you swing a bat that feels like it was made for you, your batting percentage improves and you see a lot more success in your swings. Something as simple as your baseball bat can make a huge difference in your game. Finding the right bat in a one-size-fits-all kind of world, however, can sometimes be a difficult feat. That’s why Rude American USA has many options, like USSSA, USA, and BBCOR bats, as well as speed engineered and power engineered, along with different lengths and weights. While it may take some trial and error to figure out what kind of hitter you are and what the proper sizing is, with all the options we provide, we guarantee we have a bat for everyone. Let’s take a look. 


The Speed and Power Engineered MOAB USA baseball bats are engineered to the edge of the performance standard and provide peak performance for youth baseball hitters. USA Baseball Bats conform to the new standard set forth for youth baseball bats to have more wood-like performance. The new standard was adopted on January 1st, 2018, and could affect any player not playing in a USSSA Bats league. It is best to check with league officials to determine which bat standard applies.


Falling in the middle of USA and BBCOR bat certifications is the USSSA certification. Where a BBCOR bat has a BPF (Bat Performance Factor – the increase in the liveliness of a ball hitting a bat compared to throwing a ball against a solid wall) is 0.5, the BPF of a USSSA bat is typically 1.15, a number common to most youth travel team bats. The USSSA standards that must be met were developed by a team of scientific experts, focused on both player safety and performance. The reason for requiring adherence to these standards is to ensure that players are equipped the same, and no unfair advantages exist. 


In 2017, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) adopted a standard for testing baseball bat performance. This standard is known as the Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution. BBCOR essentially regulates the amount of bounce that a bat can have. The criteria for the standard are that bats can not receive a score at any higher than .50. The bats must also follow several guidelines. The diameter of a bat can be no more than 2 ⅝ inches, the drop weight must be below -3, and bats may not be longer than 36 inches.

The BBCOR standard was created because bats made of different materials perform differently. Traditionally, bats were made of wood — a material that causes baseballs to lose energy when the bat comes in contact with the ball. In contrast, composite bats were once capable of sending a ball out at speeds over 120mph. On one hand, the BBCOR standard levels the field, almost equaling the performance of both composite and wooden bats. On the other hand, it made baseball safer. The BBCOR standard saw to lower the speed at which the ball comes off the bat by 5 percent.


Power hitters are known for home runs. They send baseballs soaring through the skies at elevated heights, up and away into the seats on the far side of the diamond. Home runs are effective at putting points on the scoreboard and make for great bragging rights. Baseball players who tend to hit hard and far are most likely power hitters. 

Power hitters are at their best when they swing with end-loaded, or end-heavy, bats. These bats hold most of their weight at the end, furthest away from the grip, in order to maximize the distance baseballs travel. Power hitters who switch to an end-loaded bat typically see an increase in their batting percentage and more success when trying to hit home runs. 


Speed swingers are known for line drives that cut through the zone with intense accuracy and speed. Though these may not have the height or the distance to make it over the edge of the ballpark, line drives can be very effective in zipping their way past both infielders and outfielders alike, and can certainly buy enough time to get some runners past home. 

Speed swingers are at their best when they swing with a mid-loaded, or centrally weighted, balanced bat. These bats are fairly evenly weighted, and therefore can be maneuvered to manipulate the baseball through the zone effectively. Speed swingers who switch to a moderately balanced bat typically see an increase in their batting percentage and more accuracy when hitting line drives.


In order to eliminate as many variables as possible, hitting a ball off of a tee is the best way to measure consistency and comfortability with a bat. This also allows you to measure the exit velocity of a bat and get a true reading with a radar gun if you have one. By averaging exit velocities, as well as accuracy and consistency, you can easily see which bats you perform best with. 

Now, you may not have the luxury of test swinging every bat on the market, but if you swing some and get a feel for the bat length and weight, as well as distribution, you will have a better idea of what you might want to purchase. You can then take this information when you shop around, and see what bats closely align with the specs that you can discover you are most comfortable and successful with. 

If you have further questions or need suggestions on what Rude American USA bat might be the right one for you, contact us