If you have spent some time shopping around for baseball bats, you may have noticed that there are a few different categories and classifications that exist. Each of these classifications typically refer to a certification that specific bat was designed for and credited with. Some of the various categories, all of which Rude American USA carries, are BBCOR, USA, and USSSA. 

Not every classification is suitable for every playing level or league, so it’s important to verify which certification is required for the level you will be playing at. For instance, USA bats are the standard for Little League players. No bat outside of USA certification is permitted in Little League play. Today, however, we are not discussing USA bats, but instead we will be breaking down our BBCOR bats to see what this certification entails, and the variations of BBCOR bats Rude American USA manufactures

What Makes a BBCOR

BBCOR standards and the certification process have been around for a handful of years, but what exactly do they mean? Many players and parents, whether veteran baseballers or new to the game, are not entirely sure what composes a BBCOR-certified baseball bat. If there is an understanding of what this certification means or entails, there may not be a comprehension of why it is so important. BBCOR stands for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution. While this wording may leave a lot up to interpretation, simply put it means that there is a regulation of how much bounce a bat can have. In addition to this, the bats have to fall within specific diameter and length dimensions, and are only permitted to have a certain drop weight. In order to receive BBCOR certification, bats must pass all of these quality checks. 

What’s the Big Deal With BBCOR? 

Okay, so now we have gone over what makes a BBCOR, and what the certification means. You may be wondering, why does this matter or how does this apply to you? The reason that certifications and standards have been implemented is to create a level playing field. No unfair advantages will exist if all of the bats in play are held to the same set of expectations. This means that the outcome of the games is left up to player skill, and not one team simply being better equipped than the other. Even if that doesn’t matter that much to you, you may need to pay attention to which bats are BBCOR certified because some leagues require this certification and will not permit any bats without it. Being able to play in the sport you love should matter. 

Beyond BBCOR

Not only does Rude American USA make the best BBCOR bats on the market, we offer two different variations. We understand that every baseball player is a little different, and a one-size-fits-all approach to baseball bats is not the way to go. While there are certainly different swing styles within these classifications, we create bats that are geared towards power hitters and ones that are geared towards speed swingers. 

MOAB Power

Rude American USA MOAB BBCOR power-engineered bats are end loaded, or end heavy. These bats hold most of their weight at the end, furthest away from the grip, in order to maximize the distance baseballs travel. For power hitters, these bats often increase batting percentage and home run success. 

MOAB Speed

Rude American USA MOAB BBCOR speed-engineered bats are mid-loaded, or centrally weighted and balanced. These bats are fairly evenly weighted, and therefore can be maneuvered to manipulate the baseball through the zone effectively. For speed swingers, these bats can increase batting percentage and line drive accuracy. 

Rude American USA has several BBCOR bat options, including both speed and power specific bats. Check them out here and start swinging the right bat for you today!