Rude American USA is proud to offer many bat options for various levels of play. Ideal for youth baseball players is our line of USA bats. Before these bats became available, they spent a tremendous amount of time in testing and development to ensure that they are at the highest performing standards and perfected just for your youth baseball star. They are designed with youth players in mind and are ready and waiting to help get their game to the next level! Let’s dive in to see why we consider these the best bats on the market. 

USA Standards

While previous years may have seen lots of different bats in the sport of youth baseball, there is now a standard that has been adopted for Little League play. This standard is the USA certification. In various leagues, requirements for bat certifications may differ, but in order for youth baseball players to participate in any Little League games, the only bats they are permitted to utilize must be USA-certified. 

This certification ensures that all of the bats in play meet the same level of performance standards as well as safety measures. Requiring all of the bats that are being used by Little League baseball players to be at the same standards also ensures that the players are equipped the same, and no one has an unfair advantage. This levels the playing field and allows players to show off their skills. 

Speed vs Power

Within our lineup of USA bats, there are various sizes, and both speed and power engineered versions. Let’s take a look at what differentiates these two options. 


Speed swingers are known for line drives that cut through the zone with intense accuracy and speed. Though these may not have the height or the distance to make it over the edge of the ballpark, line drives can be very effective in zipping their way past both infielders and outfielders alike, and can certainly buy enough time to get some runners past home. 

Speed swingers are at their best when they swing with a mid-loaded, or centrally weighted, balanced, bat. These bats are fairly evenly weighted, and therefore can be maneuvered to manipulate the baseball through the zone effectively. Speed swingers who switch to a moderately balanced bat typically see an increase in their batting percentage and more accuracy when hitting line drives. Check out our USA Speed Engineered bats here


Power hitters are known for home runs. They send baseballs soaring through the skies at elevated heights, up and away into the seats on the far side of the diamond. Home runs are effective at putting points on the scoreboard, and make for great bragging rights. Baseball players who tend to hit hard and far are most likely power hitters. 

Power hitters are at their best when they swing with end loaded, or end heavy, bats. These bats hold most of their weight at the end, furthest away from the grip, in order to maximize the distance baseballs travel. Power hitters who switch to an end loaded bat typically see an increase in their batting percentage and more success when trying to home runs. Check out our USA Power Engineered bats here

Why Rude American USA Bats? 

Rude American USA takes great pride in the bats we make. In fact, we think they are the best bats on the market. Composed of proprietary scandium alloy blends, with unique weight distributions, these are the ideal ultra high performance one player bats. Power and speed variations guarantee there is a perfect fit for any player. These bats come hot right out of the box, with no break-in or warm-up period required. More durable than ever before and engineered for peak performance, your youth baseball player will be breaking records and batting better in no time. What are you waiting for? Get your USA baseball bat today!