It’s never too early to start preparing yourself for next season. Some of the most successful players hone their skills in the offseason and improve their baseball abilities in their downtime. There are many ways that this can be accomplished, and many ways that Rude American USA can help. 

Inflatable Batting Cages

One way that Rude American USA can help you take your batting practice to the next level is with one of our Inflatable Batting Cages. These cages come in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes and can be combined to create an 80-foot batting tunnel, or whatever length you desire. The inflatable batting cages are constructed with the highest quality American-made netting. They are ready for both home or commercial use, and are heat-sealed so once they go up, they will stay up for days! While other batting cages take multiple people and a lengthy amount of time to get set up, our Inflatable Batting Cages are up in minutes so you can get on with your practice sooner. 

The ability to practice your batting skills while you are at your own residence opens up tremendous opportunities to improve and prepare for next season. Having your own Inflatable Batting Cage means you would no longer need to wait for practice fields to be available or open. You would be able to practice in any free time that you have, allowing you more flexibility and an effortless transition into next baseball season. 

Inflatable Turtle Backstops

Perhaps you do not need, or do not have the room for an entire Inflatable Batting Cage. Or maybe you have a field to hit in, and just need something to keep missed pitches or foul balls contained. In that case, an Inflatable Turtle Backstop may be the perfect solution for you. Our Inflatable Turtle Backstops are the official backstop of Cooperstown Dreams Park Home Run Derby! Just like the batting cages, these backstops are heat sealed, and do not require a pump constantly running. Simply inflate in minutes, and leave up for a few hours or a few days! They also conveniently deflate and roll up for easy storage. 

If you have the space, enjoy your personal field time without limiting the distance and height you can hit with a batting cage, and without worrying where missed pitches or foul balls end up. Keep your home safe and protected from damages caused by these stray balls with an Inflatable Turtle Backstop. The additional practice time that you gain with these inflatable backstops can make all the difference in your batting abilities and preparedness for next season. 

MOAB – Mother of All Bats

In addition to creating the ideal atmosphere for your batting practices in order to best prepare for next season, you also need to make sure you have the right batting equipment. Equip yourself with the best bat on the market: the MOAB – Mother of All Bats. All of our MOAB bats had over 5000 hits on them in testing. We dedicated a tremendous amount of time to engineering our bats right to the edge of the performance standard. These bats are the best performing and most durable bats on the market today. They come hot out of the box with BIG POP and a MASSIVE sweet spot. Don’t settle for less, get the best. Get Rude in the box, and don’t apologize for it! 

If you’re interested in taking your batting practice to the next level and preparing for next season today, don’t wait any longer. Get everything you need at Rude American USA today.