While any base hit is a good hit in baseball, a home run is the best that you can get. If you are looking to improve your game, you may be wondering what the key to hitting more home runs is. When it comes down to it, consistent batting success can actually be attributed to a combination of a few different factors. In addition to getting the best bat on the market, the Rude American USA MOAB – Mother of All Bats, let’s take a look at some ways you can work on getting as many runs as possible. 

Hitting the Curve

While it is a common theory that hitting fastballs is the way to home run success, in reality, it is actually the curveball that leads to more distance. Curveballs may be traveling towards your bat at a slower speed than a fastball, however, this type of pitch naturally has a spin that proves to be beneficial in gaining the lift and distance you need to hit it out of the park. Studies have shown that the curve and spin of a curveball actually matter more than the speed of a fastball when it comes to making contact with your bat. Because you need to work to put a backspin on a fastball, this kind of pitch statistically ends up over the fence less than curveballs do. 

Warmup with a Lighter Bat

When you are on-deck warming up to hit next, consider using a lighter bat than what you use at the plate. While many people think that using a heavier bat in the on-deck circle is beneficial, it can actually lead to fatigue and slower bat speeds at the place. Utilizing a bat that is lighter will allow you to warm up your muscles without wearing them out, improving your swing speed, which leads to your hits traveling farther. 

Practice with a Heavier Bat

While you want to utilize a lighter bat on-deck, during practices, there are still benefits to swinging a heavier bat. Regularly practicing with a variety of weights can increase your bat speed up to 10%. This may not sound like a lot, but it can make all the difference in giving your hits the distance and lift they need to make it out of the park. The important thing to remember when practicing, is to switch up the weights you are using. Rotate between bats that are heavier and lighter than your game bat, and be sure to practice with the same weight you swing with in gameplay as well. This variety will build strength and train different muscles that you may not have utilized as much previously. 

Build Rotational Strength

There is a common misconception that if you want to have more success hitting home runs, you should build the strength in your forearms. While at first this may make sense, there have been no studies that prove this claim. Instead, home run success can be directly correlated with rotational strength. When you think about it, twisting your body while you swing gives the ball more lift and distance, since the momentum of your twist is driving it further and higher. Working out your core and rotation strength with medicine balls and other similar exercises can improve your batting game quickly. 

Build Leg Strength

Another core muscle group to work out consistently to benefit your batting game is your legs and lower body. The power behind a successful swing stems from your leg strength. Studies have shown that increasing your squat and deadlift weights to build these muscles actually increases your success at hitting home runs. 

Have you given any of these techniques a try? In addition to having the right technique, you need the right gear. Hit more home runs with our Rude American USA MOAB – Mother of All Bats. Get yours today!