As anyone who has spent any amount of time searching through the options for batting cages, you’ve probably seen your fair share of cheap batting nets, PVC pipes and elbow attachments. There seems to be a give-and-take between portability and durability. On top of that, some of these products on the market look like they could be homemade. Why compromise? You need a product that is durable, portable, professional, and easy to set up. That product is the Inflatable Batting Cage by Rude American USA.

Benefits of the Inflatable Cages


The inflatable batting cage by Rude American USA comes in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes and they can be added on in 20-foot increments to create an 80-foot batting tunnel. What’s even better? Because the cages are inflatable, there’s no metal or pvc pipes to tote around with you. Instead the inflatable batting cages roll up neatly for maximum portability. The batting cage is great for setting up for practice at the park, installations, or anywhere else you’d like to take them. They’ll even fit in your backyard!


The inflatable batting cages are constructed with American-made netting and borders. The batting cages are high quality and ready for both home or commercial use, as they’ll fit in your fields or your backyard. They are heat-sealed so once they go up, they will stay up for days!

You can expect to get what you pay for and more with the inflatable batting cages. No flimsy pipes, elbow attachments, or cheap netting. There’s not much compromise between portability and durability. With Rude American USA, you’re getting a portable batting cage that is built to last.

Quick and Easy

If you have a two-hour practice session scheduled, how much of that time is actually spent practicing? Make the most of your practice time by cutting down on your set up time.

While other portable batting cages take multiple people working for at least 20 minutes to set up, the Rude American USA batting cage inflates in 10 minutes.

Using Your Batting Cage

A batting cage may seem straightforward and simple to use, you just have to hit the ball as hard as you can and aim for the back of the cage…right?! Not so fast. If you’ve grown up around baseball or have kids who currently play, you may be familiar with the guiding phrase “hit the back of the batting cage!” Whether you have said it yourself, have heard it from someone saying it to you, or your kids’ coach says it to them, this is a common rule of thumb when it comes to batting practice in the cages. However, this may not be the best way to become accustomed to hitting if the goal is to get baseballs further. 

Going the Distance

Given that most batting cages range from 40 feet to 80 feet, aiming for the back of the cage only guarantees that the ball will travel as far as that, even without the netting in the way. Consider the distance to second base from home plate, which is 127 feet. If you are batting in a cage that is only 40 feet long and are consistently aiming for the back of the net, the ball is only traveling a third of the distance to second base. Even if you double the length of your batting cage, you still are not making it the whole distance to second if you don’t adjust your aim. With no adjustments made, fielders will easily stop the majority of all balls hit this way. 

Adjusting to Cage and Field Practice

When practicing on the field, we seem to remember that in order to get baseballs to travel further off of the bats, one must aim slightly higher. This launches the ball upwards, over most infield players and out into the outfield, if not over the fence. However, for some reason, we seem to forget this piece of advice when batting practice is moved inside the cages. If most practice occurs in cages and not in the field, and the aim is at the back of the cage, during game play, there will not be much hitting success, as the baseball likely will not make it past the first line of defense. 

Though field practice may be ideal for learning how to hit in real world scenarios, sometimes it is just not practical or possible. In those circumstances, batting cages are perfect ways to get that extra swing time in. When practicing in a cage, instead of aiming for the back as commonly done, aim for the top of the cage. Depending on the length of the cage you are practicing in, the spot on the top netting that you are aiming for will vary, but getting into practice of swinging upward and outward instead of directly driving to the back of the net will greatly benefit your batting record. 

Versatility of the Inflatable Cages

Our cages aren’t just limited to batting practices. If you are an avid golfer, you can utilize this product to better your swing in that sport as well. Going to a golf course to practice your game can take up more time than you have. Sometimes, the best and most convenient solution is being able to golf in your backyard. The Inflatable Golf Driving Range by Rude American offers golfers a quality driving net that can be used outdoors or inside as an indoor golf range. This is the perfect solution for individual golfers and organizations who are looking for an alternative to country clubs and traditional driving ranges.

The inflatable golf driving range is perfect for golfers and golfing organizations that are looking for a convenient and cost effective way to practice driving golf balls in a limited space. Not everyone has the time to visit a golf course or a driving range on a daily basis. These may be inaccessible or just too crowded. Instead, we’ve created a solution for driving golf balls from the comfort of your backyard or anywhere for that matter.

Whether you are looking to perfect your batting percentage, or want to make more holes in one, our inflatable cages can help. Get your Golf Range or your Batting Cage today!