Have you heard of The Baseball Bat Bros? The Baseball Bat Bros are brothers and ballplayers on the hunt for the best performing baseball bats out there. They take the time to put BBCOR, USSSA/USA and Wood baseball bats to the test – so you don’t have to waste your money buying bats that don’t hit tanks! Judging every bat against a variety of criteria, they tell you which bats have the best sweet spot, exit velocity, barrel weight, and more. 

The Review

This group of guys decided to take the Rude American USA BBCOR MOAB bats for a spin. (Take a look at their review here) With over 5000 hits on them during testing, these bats were made to withstand the pressure of high-performance baseball, and MAN did they show up to play! Both bats were hitting nukes in the Baseball Bat Bros review, and you can tell that the guys were surprised that the quality and production of these bats put them in competition with the big name bat companies.

The Verdict 

With comments like “massive sweet spot,” “this thing is gas,” and “this is the bat you all are sleeping on,” these bats easily made it into their one-piece alloy tournament. While the speed was eliminated in the Sweet 16, and the power didn’t make it past the final 8, both of these bats got the Baseball Bat Bros stamp of approval. Check out our social media for clips of these tournament videos. If you want to get your hands on a Rude American USA BBCOR MOAB bat of your own, shop now