2020 is finally here and we are excited to share our new line of bats with all of you. 2020 USSSA bats are NOW AVAILABLE! We’ve taken our already extraordinary 2019 bats and made them even better. Let’s take a look at what makes these bats so special. 


As we have briefly discussed before, there are a variety of certifications that baseball bats can have, and these determine which leagues you can use the bats in, as well as what general age range they are for. Different certifications include BBCOR, USSSA, and USA. The one that we are currently discussing are USSSA bats. 

Each bat certification has various standards that bats must meet in order to be considered certified. The USSSA standards that must be met were developed by a team of scientific experts, focused on both player safety and performance. The reason for requiring adherence to these standards is to ensure that players are equipped the same, and no unfair advantages exist. 


Rude American USA offers two different variations on the 2020 USSSA bats, and a variety of sizes. Regardless of your swing style, we have something for you. We are proud to offer both a speed and a power engineered version of the USSSA bats. The speed engineered USSSA bat is moderately balanced, with its weight evenly distributed so you can send baseballs cutting through the zone with accuracy and haste. The power engineered USSSA bat is end loaded, with the majority of the weight being held towards the end, so that you can send baseballs soaring into the outfield and past the fence on a consistent basis. Whatever your style is, a Rude American USA bat can take your game to the next level. 


  • Proprietary Scandium Alloy Blend
  • Unique Weight Distributions (End/Moderate)
  • Ultra High Performance One Player Bats
  • Power/Speed Variations
  • Hot Out of the Box
  • No Break-In Period Required
  • More Durable Than Ever
  • Engineered for Peak Performance

What are you waiting for? Get your NEW 2020 USSSA bat today! Shop HERE.