In the world of youth baseball, there is an overwhelming amount of choices when it comes to the available bats. There are many factors that need to be considered when shopping around for a baseball bat in order to ensure that you’re getting not only the best bat in general, but the best bat for you.

Age and League

Within youth baseball, there are different leagues, and within these leagues, a variety of age ranges can be established. Each league and age range have their own preferences and requirements, so before purchasing a bat, check with the regulations of your league to ensure that it is compliant. 

As a general rule of thumb, players aged between 7 and 13 typically swing a USA or USSSA bat. Likewise, players between the ages of 14 and 18 usually swing a BBCOR bat. There are many specifications within each bat type, and sizing preferences differ with each player as well, which leads to the next factor in deciding your best bat. 

Proper Sizing

When selecting a bat to swing, ensuring that it is properly sized for you is essential. You can pick the best bat on the market, but if it isn’t the right size for you, it isn’t going to be the right fit, and you may end up disappointed with your performance. 

Although there are many different ways to measure for the best baseball bat length, the best way is to choose what you feel comfortable swinging. A general rule to follow is never go up more than an inch at a time. This makes it easier to adjust to your new bat without drastically changing your swing. If you’re new to the game or want to re-size yourself, check out our blog post on how to measure yourself for success. 

Swing Style

Another factor to consider when shopping for a baseball bat is your swing style. Some players are power hitters, consistently hitting high and far, racking up the homeruns along the way. Other players are speed swingers, cutting through the zone with fast line drives. Neither swing style is necessarily better than the other, however, it is important to know which one you are in order to pick the best bat and get the best results for your game.

Quality Brand

Last but certainly not least, you need to be sure that the brand you are buying from is made from top of the line materials, by reputable manufacturers, and will be worth the money you are spending on it. A good baseball bat is an investment into your future as a baseball player. You should be buying from a brand that cares just as much about your success as you do. 

At Rude American USA, not only do we want the best for you as a baseball player, we are the best. We make our bats from quality materials, and offer a variety of sizes in both BBCOR and USSSA bats. Check them out here and start swinging the best bat today!