In one of our previous blog posts, found here, we went over how to size yourself for a bat. However, if you are shopping around for a youth sized bat, the process is a little different. Here’s how to make sure your little baseballer is swinging the right size. 

Measuring Your Child for a Youth Bat

Length: Measure Height

For your youth baseball star, the length of their bat is correspondent to their height. Starting between a height of 3’ to 3’4”, a 26 inch bat is appropriate. For every 4 or 5 inches that they grow, add another inch to their bat length. When standing upright, should be equal to, but not higher than, the height of your child’s hip. If it’s any longer than this, it may prove difficult for them to control the swing of the bat. 

Weight: Weigh Child

In addition to how tall your little baseballer is, how much they weigh is an important factor in picking the correct length bat. As a general rule, children who weigh less than 60 pounds should be swinging a bat between 26 and 29 inches. Children who weigh more than this should be swinging a bat between 28 and 32 inches. 

Determining Bat Drop

Bat drop refer to the difference between the length and weight of a bat. For instance, if a bat is 32 inches long, and has a bat drop of -5, the bat will be 27 ounces. The larger the bat drop (drop weight), the lighter the bat will be. 

It’s important to note that certain leagues may have regulations for acceptable bat drops. Be sure to check the specific rules of your league before purchasing a bat to ensure that it is compliant. 

Picking a bat drop that’s appropriate for your little baseballer is a difficult task but can make all the difference in their swing success. Longer, lighter bats will swing quickly, but will not have much inertia, or forward momentum/force, behind it. Shorter, heavier bats will make for slow swinging, but has a load of inertia pushing it forward. 

Depending on your player’s swing style, a higher or lower bat drop may be more comfortable for them. If given the opportunity, test a couple of weights and see what works best. 

As mentioned before, some leagues/age ranges may have rules or regulations regarding bat sizes, weights, or drops. Always check with the league your baller will be playing in the make sure you know all the guidelines to follow and that the bat you choose will be compliant and acceptable. 

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