How one league is giving back to youth in the community

Little League Baseball has always been a great way for the community to come together to promote positive growth for those who need it the most. Far too often is the reason that we play ball in the first place lost on the masses because let’s face it, it is really easy to get caught up in the competitiveness that this sport brings out. We’re not saying that winning is important, we all want to be the best but we should always take some time to recognize how great it is when a game can bring a community together.  

At Rude American USA we love to see the baseball community coming together to promote and foster an environment where youth can enjoy the simple pleasures of life while learning valuable life lessons through sports. We’d like to spotlight some of the leagues who are doing great things for their community.

Little Leagues and the Community

The Bolden League is one of those leagues. The Bolden Little League is a community effort between the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Bolden Area Command and local partners to provide the children of Historic West Las Vegas the complete little league experience. The Bolden League was started in 2017 in order to promote community engagement and involvement between the local community and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. The Bolden League Kicked off their second year running in April.

On their facebook, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Bolden Area Command wrote, “Sheriff Joe Lombardo and numerous LVMPD officers and volunteers helped kick off the start of spring break week (and the beginning of baseball season) on Saturday with a great day of Little League baseball. LVMPD’s Bolden Area Command is proud to support events like this that bring people together, fostering new friendships that assist our efforts to fight crime and keep neighborhoods safe.” The celebration included food and fun for the whole family. It really is great to see this in the baseball community.

How Can You Give Back to the Community?

The Bolden Area Command and their community partners are doing an incredible job by giving youth in the community around the Historic Westside the opportunity to come together and play America’s pastime. If you would like to give back to the community by supporting the Bolden League, they hit the local news asking for donated gear and more volunteer coaches.

Is a league in your community doing great things? Let us know!

We love hearing about community standouts in the baseball community! Let us recognize them!