What Makes the Mother of All Bats Better than the Rest?

When you’re shopping around for anything at all, you should always know what qualities you value in a product. When it comes to baseball bats, always keep in mind the three-P’s: Power, Performance, and Price. Consumers could easily find a high quality, professional bat online but don’t be surprised when you have to pay professional prices, am I right? Don’t get us wrong, power, performance, and price are all very important but what good are the first two P’s if the bat costs an arm and a leg? You certainly can’t play baseball after having to pay that kind of price! 😉

Fortunately for us, every now and then you’ll come across what seems like a smaller, lesser known brand that somehow manages to overcome the competition and give you an incredible product at an incredible price. It feels great to save money, find a good product, and all the while supporting a company that hasn’t cornered the entire market so you know you’re getting the best and not just a repainted version of last year’s model.

That’s exactly where Rude American USA comes in with what we have done with the New for 2019 Mother Of All Bats (or MOAB, for short) line of aluminum bats. Rude American gives brands like Marucci and DeMarini a run for their money in the world of youth baseball as the 2019 line of MOABs have been engineered for even more durability and peak performance.

The New for 2019 MOAB line comes in the classic USSSA -5 and -10 that you may be familiar with if you have picked up any Rude American USA bats in the past (shout out to the 2015 line of MOABs) and we are also introducing the brand new -3 BBCOR.50. The MOAB line offers you speed and a power for even more pop than before yet the 2019 MOABs are also incredibly balanced. The MOABs provide more POP than ever before, are hot right out of the box, and at a very affordable price.

All of our MOAB – Mother of All Bats come in under three-hundred dollars at $299.00. These come in at about $150 cheaper than other competing brands. At this price, Rude American USA gives you Power, Performance, and Price all wrapped into one.