Crazy new bat rule changes, what to do now???

Breathe deep, calm down and start by not listening to what many are saying. BBCOR.50 (for NFHS and NCAA), USSSA Youth/SL (competitive travel club ball) and ASA Fastpitch are not changing their standards.

Little League and ALL affiliates will ALL fall under the USA Baseball umbrella and will change from the 1.15BPF 2 ¼ to a BBCOR type standard and will have a 2 5/8 barrel. In 2017 1.15BPF is in play and every All-Star will be swinging those.

2018 USA Baseball bats will come out later in the year prior to the 2018 season. How does this affect you and you’re player, not at all really. You likely buy your player a new bat every year because he/she is growing so fast. How many brand new pairs of cleats has he/she grown out of? Enjoy watching them grow and have a great season swinging an awesome 1.15 BPF bat in 2017 (hopefully you make All-Stars and use a MOAB!) and then pick up your 2018 bat before Christmas 2017.

I will be posting another blog on how misunderstood the change itself is going to affect bat performance. There is an interesting perception that I will address soon.