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Monthly Archives: October 2016

How to measure yourself for a bat

Although there are many different ways to measure for the best baseball bat length, the best way is to choose what you feel comfortable swinging. A general rule to follow is never go up more than an inch at a time. This makes it easier to adjust to your new bat without drastically changing your swing. If you’re new to the game or want to re-size yourself, follow the steps below to learn how to properly measure yourself: Measure from Read More...

How to buy Inflatable Batting Cages

Inflatable batting cages are a great tool for any family, team or organization when built and used properly. However, “buyer beware” that all cages are not made equally and cages if not built properly are flat out dangerous on many levels. There are other dangers that need to be considered such as safe netting and decreased risk of ricochet. 95% of all inflatable batting cages on the market are not safe and will not contacin real baseballs or softballs. There Read More...

Are you swinging the right bat?

Are you swinging the right bat? If you play baseball this is a question you need to ask yourself. Why? Because most players are not swinging the right bat for their swing. Your bat is the most important piece of equipment in your bag and the right bat leads to increased ball exit speed and enhanced overall performance for a hitter. How do you know you are swinging the right bat? By demoing bats! There is no other way. And Read More...
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